The only way to tweeze your eyebrows

With precision, grip and minimal ouch, these cult tweezers are the only ones worth having

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By Frankie Graddon on

It’s true what they say: sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Or, in my case, until you’ve gone to the Manchester Hilton for a weekend. Booking a last-minute train, I packed for the impromptu trip in roughly 25 seconds, forgetting almost everything I needed, including my tweezers. A major error it transpires, for if you’ve ever looked into a hotel magnifying mirror – the type that lights up – without a pair of tweezers nearby, you will know what crisis is.

EYEBROWS! Like a sprawling lawn, they were all over the place. Cue mad dash to the closest shop and the purchase of emergency tweezers. Back at The Mirror of Doom, I spent several minutes poking at my brows, failing to grab a single hair, but successfully making two watery eyes with angry, red stripes above them. Nightmare. The take-away from this story being: don't forget to pack your Tweezermans.

A cult hero since their launch in 1982, Tweezerman slant tweezers are, quite simply, the best in the business. The angled, stainless steel tip offers exact precision, while the excellent pincer action means they grip even fine and short hairs in one go, causing minimal ouch. Light and streamlined, they’re easy to manoeuvre into position, so even the most cack-handed cannot fail to get a good result. (For the truly chronic, there is even a version with an in-built light.) They also come in a variety of jazzy colours and designs, which, although not performance-enhancing, is a bit of fun.

For optimal brow-tweezing, do it after a hot shower, when your pores are open and the hair comes out easier. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth and always from the bottom. Oh, and don’t look in any magnifying mirrors.





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