How to sort your feet for summer

Simple steps for giving yourself a pedicure at home

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Let's be honest, feet can be a bit gross can't they? But, credit where it's due, they have to put up with an awful lot. So, at the very least, I think they've earnt themselves the right to a bit of TLC – particularly now it's summer and we're all living in sandals. What's needed is a speedy pedicure. One you can do at home with your feet flopped over the side of the bath and Netflix on in the background. Here's how.

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Step one

File your foot while it’s still dry (this is because it's easier to see the areas that need a good scrub and rough skin will adhere more to the file when dry). Pay particular attention to your heels and toes.

Step two

Add a cuticle oil along the base of your nail and leave it to sink in for half a minute to soften your cuticles. Push them back towards your nail bed with a cuticle pusher. Then, bathe your feet in warm water with a softening foot soak to wash away excess oil and dead skin.

Step three

Once you've dried your feet, shape your nails with a crystal file, which are more gentle, less likely to cause splitting and will last longer. "File your nails straight across, then soften the edges if you need to," says nail expert Margaret Dabbs.

Step four

Use a base coat to give your nail polish something to stick to. Apply your nail paint in three strokes (one vertically up the centre of your nail and one on other side). Then, set it in place with a top coat. Orly's Top2Bottom polish is great as it's a base and top coat in one.


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