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What will be on our bathroom shelves and in our make-up bags this year? Samantha Silver has the inside scoop

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Happy New Year everyone. And it is a very happy new year when it comes to beauty because 2018 is set to be a bonanza year of innovation. Want a dry shampoo that actually washes your hair? A wonder serum that does it all? Or how about a pigment-recognition foundation that means you’ll never wear the wrong shade again? I’ve picked out the products that are tipped to be big bathroom-shelf news. Here’s what to look out for

Cannabis will become the next “it” ingredient  

Last year saw a flurry of research into the effects that cannabis has on the body, with reports suggesting that cannabinoids (a compound found in the cannabis plant) reduces inflammation and itchiness when applied to the skin. Good news for those with eczema, psoriasis and allergic dermatitis. Researchers have only recently begun to fully appreciate the power of, and potential uses for this, so it’s early days, but expect to see cannabis-inspired skincare launching in the latter half of 2018. In the meantime, try Malin+Goetz hand and body wash which contains synthetic cannabis fragrance – a surprisingly lovely warm, spicy scent.


Your perfume will see off stress

According to Victoria Buchanan, strategic researcher at The Future Laboratory (the people whose job it is to see into the future), 2018 will be the year that your perfume will usurp your yoga class. “A new type of fragrance is emerging that draws on neuroscience to invoke a physical reaction in the wearer, providing consumers with a stress-relieving scent that can be incorporated into everyday life as part of their beauty routine.” In short, the nose is linked to the brain, so a spritz of your perfume may be able take your stresses away. Fragrance producer Givaudan (the experts who have created well-known fragrances for brands such as Calvin Klein and Prada) has developed its own stress-relieving scent component, Neurophroline, an extract of wild indigo that reduces stress levels by breaking down cortisol in the skin and stimulating the release of endorphins.



Your foundation will give you better-looking skin

Nars has partnered with scientists at Shiseido’s Global Innovation Centre to create the most sophisticated skincare/foundation hybrid. A first of its kind, the patented formula is a translucent liquid which contains specialised skin-recognition pigments and adapts to your skin tone, ensuring the perfect colour match. It is also infused with technology that mimics the skin-smoothing results of something akin to laser treatment. With the coverage of a buildable foundation and the feel of an ultra-light skin tint, it gives your skin a glowy look which lasts well beyond lunchtime. And after three weeks of wearing it, my skin looks more even-toned – even when I’m not wearing it.


Sheet masks get better than ever

Quick, easy, affordable and with real results, sheet masks have helped democratise the skincare market and were an unavoidable beauty trend for 2017. But if you thought that we’d reached peak sheet mask, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Welcome to Starskin’s Micro Filler Mask – the godfather of sheet masks. The two-step mask is based on the micro-needling trend that is currently sweeping the US, whereby mini rollers covered in tiny needles are rolled over the face to stimulate collagen production and increase the absorption, and therefore the effectiveness, of skincare products. The mask consists of a “micro-pyramid” cream which punctures the surface of the skin with hydrating, brightening ingredients. The second phase is a thin mask which, when placed over the cream, pushes the goodness deep into your skin for a plump, glorious complexion.

And it doesn’t stop there. Redken’s All Soft Mega Recovery Sheet Mask (£12) is the first sheet mask for your hair. Inspired by the Korean foil mask trend, this aims to give your hair a mega moisture hit, boost shine and prolong colour.



Powdered lipstick is the new liquid lipstick

Granted, the name may recall memories of the game where you try not to lick your lips while eating a sugary donut, but these are more sophisticated than they sound and are set to replace liquid lipsticks. A trend straight from Korea, powdered lipstick creates a wearable, diffused lip look, much softer than 2017’s high-voltage liquid lipstick. I’ve already seen incomings from Chanel and Clinique, the former coming in a sleek two-part palette, consisting of a clear balm and a pressed powder. Designed to be patted on with your finger this gives you a just-kissed stain. Clinique’s Pop Lip Shadow comes as a sponge-tipped wand that dispenses coloured powder onto your lips and gives a pop of matte colour.



Your night cream will help you sleep

Do you get enough sleep? Probably not. I definitely don’t. According to the latest figures from The Sleep Council, 74 per cent of British people sleep for less than seven hours a night. It’s not all doom and gloom though, French pharmacy brand Sanoflore has developed a new night serum that, thanks to a blend of essential oils, has been clinically proven to improve sleep quality. It also contains brightening botanical active ingredients that help your face look radiant come morning. Apply three drops to the palms of your hands, inhale the zesty aroma and then press onto clean skin before bed.


The rise of the super serum

Estée Lauder is a brand renowned for its serums but in February, they’re bringing out the big guns. Two decades of research has resulted in a new collagen-boosting peptide, acetyl hexapeptide-8, which has been infused into their new Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment. A couple of drops a day has a skin overhaul effect, smoothing fine lines, lifting slackening skin and re-plumping all in one shot. It’s also suitable for all skin types making mistake skincare buys a thing of the past. Apply twice a day before moisturiser.


You’ll change the way you wash your hair  

Classic dry shampoos act like a mop, sitting on top of your hair and soaking up excess oil from the surface, which is great but you probably find that it starts to build up, making the roots of your hair feel gritty. However, thanks to the inclusion of whizzy new molecule, OFPMA, as soon as Living Proof’s futuristic formula hits your hair, it starts to “wash” each individual strand. How? It creates an invisible shield around each hair strand with particles that load up on dirt and smells, which when you brush out after 30 seconds are all swept away, leaving you with swishy, clean-feeling and smelling hair. I’m four days post hair wash and going strong.



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