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The bare-minimum guide to holiday hair

Yes, we know no one looks like the beach models in magazines – but you can still save yourself from unruly frizz or battered highlights. Kelly Gilbert explains how 

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By Kelly Gilbert on

On holiday, most of us don’t faff around with hair masks at the beach and the like. We barely remember to apply sunscreen properly. Hence the crispy shoulders and frazzled hair on display at arrivals gates up and down the country. Holidays are meant to be fun and the last thing anyone needs is a beauty editor advocating taking a complicated skincare regime in your luggage so you “can maximise your summer glow”. No, this is a time for vino tinto and relaxation. But, OK, this is a beauty column and it should be noted that there are some easy hacks you can do.

First up: regular conditioner is basically the same as a hair mask. Just load it on in the shower and only cursorily rinse it out – so you get rid of the excess, but there is still definitely a slippy feel to your hair. This means you can slick down a short hairstyle or plait back long hair easily and it has some protection from the drying effects of the sun. Plus, it will protect you against humidity frizz. Now, for me, a sunny holiday demands cheap conditioner with a strong scent. You use so much of it, what with all post-beach and sticky sightseeing showering. Superdrug's Revitalising Raspberry & Macadamia Nut Conditioner, £1.09, does the job, smells completely wonderful and is effective at hydrating chlorine-battered hair. 


While sunbathing or day-tripping, go crazy with the hair accessories. A headscarf keeps the conditioner locked in and protects your hair from UV (which will discolour any lovely highlights or tint you have put in your hair). Head to H&M for a selection, which are cheap as chips, so if you lose them by the pool you won’t care. 



If you want to look a little smarter for going out, try Redken’s Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream, £13.60, which will speed up blow-drying (if you are one of those rare souls who puts the effort in, even on holiday) and, if you air-dry, it will stop you looking like a shaggy dog. Do pack a Wet Brush too, £11.99, which is just as good as a Tangle Teaser (if not better), but won’t fly out of wet hands, because it has a handle.



A quick note on matters related to your face: free yourself from foundation for a week or two. Instead pack a primer, which has a glowy effect, will tame any serious shine and amp up natural sun-related glow. Seventeen Skin Wow Primer, £5.99, works well on dry skin and has a quite brilliantly shimmery-glow, but you’re on holiday right?


Finally, free yourself too of the bane of repetitive sunscreen application and invest in P20 Once A Day Protection SPF30, £19.99. If you have children, this will seriously liberate you. It actually works! So, no more constant chasing of little ones around the pool trying to persuade them to let you douse them in suncream when you’d rather be reading your book, thanks very much. Or falling asleep on the lounger to wake to find fire-engine-red limbs. The formula is pretty liquid and sinks in fast, plus it is water-resistant. So, job done. Happy hols. 



Picture: Stocksy
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