Comedian Coleen Ballinger's honest parenting, Daisy Buchanan's podcast You're Booked and the new series of Grace and Frankie are getting us through the week (Photos: Twitter, Netflix)


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Emily Baker has everything you need to see you through to Friday

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This week we’re reading… Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

It feels like the whole world has seen You on Netflix, the thriller series following stalker Joe and his terrifying obsession with the object of his desire, Beck. As with all good television, Joe’s story is actually adapted from a novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, which has all the creepiness they couldn't fit into the series. What’s more, there’s already a sequel, Hidden Bodies, which sees Joe move to Los Angeles and begin a whole new obsession. Read the first five chapters of You here, then get your hands on a copy of Hidden Bodies to find out what happened after the fateful basement of season one.

This week we’re loving… Colleen Ballinger’s honest parenting

Comedian Colleen Ballinger proved new motherhood isn’t all cherubs and clouds in a Twitter post showing just how challenging having a new baby can be. With her hair up and wearing no make-up, Ballinger’s selfie showed her with a leaking breast, baby sick and wee on her top, extra pregnancy weight and the mouldy old cups still sitting on the counter. It’s a brilliant reminder of the ridiculous standards new mothers are held up to and how normal it is to not have it all together having just given birth.

This week we’re watching… Grace And Frankie on Netflix

Last week brought us the news that Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin will ride again in a sixth season of Netflix’s runaway hit, Grace And Frankie – and that was before series five had even premiered. When we last saw the pair, they had just escaped from the retirement home their families (lovingly) forced them into, putting their sex toy-making days far behind them. Now, they must live like very harmless fugitives – hiding from their families and trying to win back their beach house from its new buyers. As always, it’s Grace and Frankie’s fractured but beautiful friendship that makes this show so watchable – a magic only those as fabulous as Fonda and Tomlin could pull off.

This week we’re listening to… You’re Booked podcast

The Pool contributor Daisy Buchanan launched her very own podcast at the end of last year, peeking at the bookcases of some of the country’s best and most-loved authors. You’re Booked features guests from Nikesh Shukla and Cathy Rentzenbrink to Dolly Alderton and Elizabeth Day, who are all questioned by Buchanan (The Book Inspector) about their reading habits – good and bad. Give it a listen here, and look out for season two, due later this year.

This week we’re eating… vegan

There are two types of Veganuary followers: those who find a love for the diet they never knew they were missing, and those who struggle for the full 31 days. If you’re in the latter camp, then don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to make eating vegan fun and tasty. Here’s a selection of some our favourites, whether you need an easy dinner to knock up for the whole family, or an eggs benedict brunch substitute, we’ve got you covered.

This week we’re wearing… & Other Stories striped wool jumper

It's bloody cold (and only getting chillier) and worrying about what to wear does not seem like a good use of anyone's time in a month like January. That's why I'm investing in snazzy jumpers I can throw on with jeans or midi skirts (and tights, obviously). They don't come snazzier than this Stories number, which I won't be taking off until spring – Hannah Banks Walker, deputy fashion and beauty editor.


Comedian Coleen Ballinger's honest parenting, Daisy Buchanan's podcast You're Booked and the new series of Grace and Frankie are getting us through the week (Photos: Twitter, Netflix)
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