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Carey Mulligan and Billie Piper star in a new David Hare drama

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  • DRAMA Collateral, 9pm, BBC Two

    Playwright David Hare has brought some of Hollywood's brightest stars to the small screen in his fast-paced and gripping new police drama. Carey Mulligan plays Kip Glaspie, a detective charged with investigating the murder of a Syrian asylum seeker working as a pizza delivery driver in the centre of London. Throughout this opening episode, Kip must ask herself what would drive someone to murder a seemingly innocent man. Was it a hate crime? Was he even meant to be killed? Meanwhile, Billie Piper plays a posh mum and John Simm takes on the role of an off-the-wall MP – each of them seemingly unconnected to the main story of the drama, though their lives are sure to weave into a bigger picture sooner rather than later.

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what to watch tonight

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