Dynasties on BBC One
Dynasties on BBC One


What to watch this weekend

Carey Mulligan in Wildlife, a new David Attenborough documentary and a Netflix cartoon full of drag queens

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The film


At surface level, Carey Mulligan plays Jeanette, a picture-perfect, loyal 1960s wife to Jerry and doting mother to Joe – but she’s actually so much more than that. The family have moved around the country for the past few years, following Jerry’s misguided passion for chasing the American Dream. When we meet them, the three have settled in Montana – or so Jeanette thinks, until Jerry is drawn to fighting the wildfires whipping through the countryside. In his absence, she begins to form a relationship with a wealthy man and with it comes a series of hard, sometimes erratic, decisions to make.

The documentary

Dynasties, Sunday 8:30pm, BBC One

David Attenborough is back on our screens this weekend and, after the world-changing effects Blue Planet had in reducing plastic, it can only be a good thing. In his new series, Attenborough will follow five animal families, each fighting for survival in an ever-changing habitat. First up, this Sunday, is a group of chimpanzees that live on the edge of the Sahara desert in Senegal and, while there are plenty of silly baby chimps to have a laugh at, the main story is of alpha male and leader of the pack, David. With the changing environment, David faces a series of challenges from his subordinate chimps and doesn’t get a lot of support from his family, either…

The comedy

Alone At Home, Friday 8pm, Channel 4

True, this isn’t actually billed as a comedy, but the concept is pretty hilarious. Or terrifying. Or both. Parents leave their teenage children at home for a whole week to find out whether they have the capacity to care for themselves, but don’t worry, cameras are on 24/7 and the production team is always on hand in case things go terribly awry. In this first episode, it’s the turn of 16-year-old Millie and 13-year-old Laurel to prove they have what it takes to be responsible adults. There are plenty of arguments and some sneaky drinking, but the girls will capture your heart with their choice to blow their budgets on taxis to school. Genius.

The on-demand

Super Drags, Netflix

Remember when Netflix did the unthinkable and removed all but two seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race? It was a dark couple of months, true, but you’ll be pleased to know they’re all back in their rightful place, along with a weird little show called Super Drags. Far from another version of All Stars, this is actually a cartoon about three gay co-workers who transform into superhero drag queens, saving the LGBTQ+ community from a wide variety of dangers. Be warned, though, don’t show this to your kids – it’s voiced by the best Drag Race queens, so you can imagine how filthy it is. Definitely one for after bedtime.

And something to look forward to…

Channel 4 revealed the first trailer for its upcoming Brexit drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Brexit: The Uncivil War. Cumberbatch plays the Vote Leave campaign director, Dominic Cummings, and, from the 30-second clip, it looks as though it’s going to be exactly the kind of gritty, subversive drama we love Channel 4 for.

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Dynasties on BBC One
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