Shonda Rhimes's For The People on Sky Witness
Shonda Rhimes' For The People on Sky Witness


What to watch this weekend

Shonda Rhimes' new courtroom drama For The People on Sky Witness, Jason Statham in The Meg and the European Championships

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Catch up with For The People, Sky Witness

I am permanently on the hunt for my next TV addiction and I never, for one second, expected to find it in the dim dark month that is the August TV schedules. But lo and behold, Shonda Rhimes is back (as if she ever went away) and the woman who brought us the utterly addictive Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy has scored again with For The People. The relationships-driven courtroom drama follows six young lawyers – three prosecutors, three defenders – as they embark on the year that will define the rest of their careers. It’s Rhimes, so it goes without saying that, just one episode in, we already have three trials under our belt, at least one personal relationship in turmoil and the morality of the US legal system delivered a severe drubbing. Catch up before episode two airs on Monday, 9pm on Sky Witness.

The Meg

Shark-attack movies aren’t my usual rush-to-the-cinema favourites, but The Meg – for some unknown reason – has been different. Maybe because it’s just so silly. Jason Statham (who else?) is tasked with rescuing a submarine crew who have been abandoned at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after having been attacked by an unknown, humongous creature from the depths. The threat turns out to be a 75-foot, prehistoric shark, known as the Megalodon, meaning Statham’s job of saving the day is suddenly so much bigger than a few crew members on an underwater boat...


European championships – BBC1 and BBC2 basically all day and all weekend.

Not a whole lot on tonight; however, if you’re a fan of athletics, diving and gymnastics, among others, there’s a whole host of superhuman achievement to marvel at. (I got into athletics when I found myself sofa-bound and out of my head on painkillers during the London Olympics, and haven’t looked back.) This weekend, sprinter Dina Asher-Smith looks to add to her gold-medal haul and I’ll be there, cheering her on from the sofa.


Sylvia Plath – Life Inside The Bell Jar, BBC2 9pm.

There’s something utterly compelling about Sylvia Plath – for better or worse, the patron saint of tortured teenage girls everywhere. This documentary is the first to truly go inside The Bell Jar from the author’s viewpoint, interweaving readings by Maggie Gyllenhaal with interviews from her closest friends, people who lived, loved and partied with Plath in 1950s New York, as well as her daughter, Frieda. There was far more to Plath than her teenage fans and tortured marriage might imply, and this goes a long way to proving it.


My Neighbour Totoro 1pm Film4 – part of the summer holiday Studio Ghibli season on Film 4 until the end of August.

If it was possible to pick a favourite of Hayao Miyazaki’s magical animations (including Spirited Away, Ponyo and Kiki’s Delivery Service), My Neighbour Totoro would be right up there. Totoro is a magical forest spirit encountered by two small sisters – Mei and Satsuki – when they move to the country with their dad, while their mum is recuperating from a long illness in hospital. It’s running as part of Film 4’s Studio Ghibli season, which is on for the duration of the school holidays, so if, as seems likely, the weather has finally broken, this is a perfect opportunity to stick the kids (and yourself) in front of some quality cartoon action and call it childminding.


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Shonda Rhimes' For The People on Sky Witness
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