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A documentary about one of the most debilitating symptoms of mental illness 

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  • DOCUMENTARY The Voices In My Head, 11:15pm, BBC One

    Emmalina lives quite peacefully with the number of voices she has heard since she was a child – that is, until "the devil" voice appears. Kyle and Chaz also hear a voice, and theirs tells them to cause harm to themselves, resulting in multiple suicide attempts and self-harming. This incredible BBC Three documentary – which will air on BBC One tonight – reconstructs the voices each of the three hear, attempting to give viewers a small insight into what it's like to live with such a confusing and dangerous symptom. It's a distressing watch, no doubt, but it also humanises people we are usually taught to stay away from and does a pretty good job of explaining just how traumatising it can be to hear voices.

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what to watch tonight

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