Ex Machina on Saturday, 9pm, Channel 4
Ex Machina on Saturday, 9pm, Channel 4


What to watch this weekend

Emma Stone plays Billie Jean King in Battle Of The Sexes, She's Gotta Have It is back as a TV show and Ex Machina reappears on Channel 4

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The big release this weekend is, of course, Battle Of The Sexes. Emma Stone takes the centre role of tennis legend Billie Jean King (who Alexandra Heminsley recently spoke to for The Pool) opposite the hilarious Steve Carell as her rival Bobby Riggs. You're probably either already aware of the story or you remember the legendary match actually happening, but if not here's a quick run-down of the plot. Former Wimbledon champ and all-round loveable rogue Bobby Riggs challenged the top seeded women's player, Billie Jean King, to a tennis match on the basis that – despite being out of the game and out of practice – he could beat any female player. Riggs was already somewhat of a joker, but he adopted an exagerrated persona  especially for the match, referring to himself as a "sexist pig" and taunting Billie Jean with chauvanistic challenges. Billie Jean of course, rose above it – she had bigger problems to deal with, like balancing her burgeoning relationship with her hairdresser (Andrea Riseborough) with a happy, but too comfortable marriage. The film is lovely, and really, truly funny, so don't be surprised if there aren't a few Oscar nods in 2018.

If a big-time blockbuster doesn't take your fancy this week, find an independent cinema that will show Cate Blanchett's new arthouse film, Manifesto. Playing every single character throughout the film, from a homeless man to a glamourous newsreader, all of Blanchett's lines come directly from famous manifestos from around the world. It really is out there, and you'll have to have a lot of patience, but it's a truly interesting experiment and a clever way of making history seem as relevant today as ever.


Telly-wise it's a little light on the ground this weekend, but after a very brief break from the telly, Jamie Oliver is back with his pal Jimmy, cooking up some Friday Night Feasts on Southend Pier (Channel 4, 8pm). There's pancakes, cheese, ducks and a barbecue – truly something for everyone, as we've to expect from Jamie and his travelling kitchen. Actor Simon Pegg is also on hand to tell the boys of his time filming in Morocco, which Jamie tries to reimagine through an incredle looking traditionl lamb tagine.


It's far too cold to go out for a proper Saturday night, so pop the kettle on, sunggle under the duvet and watch a cosy film on the telly. Ex Machina is on Channel 4 at 9pm? Okay, not exactly cosy, but great all the same. It features Domhnall Gleeson as a young tech-enthusiast who wins a competition to visit the home of a creater of a very famous search engine. Once there he finds an AI robot, creepily portrayed by Alicia Vikander. Obviously, she's very beautiful and the man starts to fall in love with her, but is she all she seems – she is a robot after all. 

There's also the She's Gotta Have It remake on Netflix, but since that came out on Thursday I presume you've already binged it. Yes? Good.


Okay now here is something truly relaxing – the wonderful Julie Walters taking a trip on the UK's coastal railways (Channel 4, 8pm). In tonight's opening episode she travels along the West Highland Railway in Scotland, more widely known as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter series. As well as make you want to go on holiday to the Isle of Skye, it makes perfect bedtime viewing. 


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Ex Machina on Saturday, 9pm, Channel 4
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