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Colossal at the cinema, The Keepers on Netflix and a murder trial on the telly 

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Earlier this week, a man tried to sue a woman because she texted throughout their date at the cinema. That seems a little dramatic to me, but it's probably best to play it safe and take your date to see a good film this weekend.

Colossal fits the bill perfectly – a romcom that's actually funny and manages to make a Seoul-destroying (thank you) monster a fresh and new concept. Anne Hathaway plays near-alcoholic Gloria, whose boyfriend throws her out because he can't handle it. She moves in with her best childhood pal, Jason Sudeikis, and drinks some more. One morning, after a particularly heavy night of drinking, she wakes to find that she's in control of a Godzilla-like giant that is currently destroying the South Korean capital. 

On Netflix is the much anticipated true-crime documentary series, The Keepers. Billed as the next Making A Murderer, it investigates the unsolved murder of nun and teacher Sister Cathy Cesnik and the supposed cover-up of the crime. What unravels is a complicated and dark tale of systematic abuse, with twists and turns at the end of every episode.


Tonight, there's not much on, but Nicole Kidman is on Graham Norton's couch tonight to talk about Sofia Coppola's upcoming civil-war feminist drama/horror, The Beguiled. Joining her is husband Keith Urban and Alan Cumming, hoping to shift some copies of his new memoir.


I have a strong belief that the most beautiful facets of humanity can be found in children's films, specifically those made by Pixar. On Saturday afternoon, you'll find Wreck-It Ralph and Monsters University, two bastions of love, hope and happiness. Yes, I might be reading too much into this.

Because it's a Saturday night, there are only talent shows and dodgy dating programmes on. Britain's got too much talent for its own good, if you ask me, so just go to the pub instead.


Carrying on our obsession with true crime is Channel 4's reality/drama hybrid, The Trial: Murder In The Family.

The story, the defendant, witnesses, judge and barristers are all fake, but the jury is made up of ordinary, run-of-the-mill people. They must decide whether to convict or release the suspect over the course of the next five nights. The programme is on every night until the jury gives their verdict on Thursday.


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