Versailles (Photo: BBC)
Versailles (Photo: BBC)


What to watch this weekend

A new series of Versailles, the Netflix adaption of Girlboss and people who are better than you at the London Marathon

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By Emily Baker on

Out at the cinema this weekend is World War Two drama Their Finest. Starring Gemma Arterton as married screenwriter Catrin, the movie is about a team of British Ministry of Information filmmakers creating a propaganda movie about Dunkirk. During filming, she falls in love with colleague Tom, but it's Bill Nighy's character as a fame-shy thespian who steals your attention. Their Finest is a heartwarming film, reminding us that, among the chaos of war, life and beauty can continue. 

Over on Netflix is the (loose) adaption of Sophia Amoruso's biography/women-in-business book, Girlboss. With episodes lasting only 30 minutes, it's a quickfire comedy along the lines of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and RuPaul makes an odd, but very welcome, guest appearance.


Apparently, the new series of Versailles on at 9pm on BBC2 is even more risqué than the last, with some even calling it pornographic. Louis' courtiers are stepping closer and closer to revolt, as their demands for more power are increasingly sidelined. The second series promises to be just as opulent, just as outrageous and just as addictive. 

Another new series is Hospital People over on BBC One at 9:30pm. Ever since The Office showed us what a mockumentary could be, comedians have tried to replicate its brilliance. The jury is out on whether the cheesy efforts of Hospital People will make it, but it's been receiving good reviews.


If the dancing dogs of Britain's Got Talent aren't your thing, Channel 4 is investigating the effect of manmade cities on the planet at 8pm. Viewers are in for a sobering look at the dichotomy of beauty, both in the rainforests and the bright lights of super-cities, such as Tokyo and Las Vegas. The satellite images of Earth from space are particularly stunning.


Sunday is a lazy day. That's why I'll be watching the London Marathon, not running it. Coverage starts at 8:30 in the morning on BBC2, with highlights at 6pm and 11:30pm the same day. 

Later on, the second series of ITV drama The Durrells In Corfu will try to fill the hole left in people's hearts by the end of Downton. Created by Simon Nye – the man behind Men Behaving Badly – the show is a heartwarming look at what happens when you set a chaotic family life in the heart of Greece and throw in a few goats for good measure.


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Versailles (Photo: BBC)
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