Django Django's "driving at night" playlist

Django Django (Photo: Fiona Garden)

The indie rock band share a list of songs to keep you company during a late-night drive

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Driving to me is like meditation, it really clears my head. I love going on long drives and especially at night, up in Scotland in the highlands where it’s pitch black and there’s no cars. I might listen to a podcast or hardcore techno or ambient, or I might listen to a playlist or mix tape. I like listening to really intense ghost stories on Coast To Coast AM, but I’ll usually reach my destination a nervous wreck. And I love listening to old hardcore rave and jungle, because it keeps me awake.

Here’s a bunch of tracks I’d like to play loud while whizzing through the night in my beemer.. it's a mixture of stuff, a lot of quite dark moody stuff and film-score stuff by Moroder and John Carpenter, but also just some outright bangers like Hideaway and uplifting tracks like State Of Independence, to stop the paranoia setting in.


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Django Django (Photo: Fiona Garden)
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