L-R: Emily Lansley, Lucy Mercer and Becky Hawley of Stealing Sheep (Photo: Rob Moulder)
L-R: Emily Lansley, Lucy Mercer and Becky Hawley of Stealing Sheep (Photo: Rob Moulder)

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"Women have always been here, coming up with countless pop hits, avant-garde classics and beautiful ballads" - Stealing Sheep

Inspired by their Suffragette Summer project, Stealing Sheep curate a playlist of 100 years of amazing female artists

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We chose the theme 100 Years Of Amazing Female Artists to show that we (women) have always been here, lurking in the shadows, coming up with countless interesting, amazing, surreal, fantastic pop hits, avant-garde classics, beautiful ballads etc etc... Even if you weren’t sure who it was or where it came from! We were here all along!

We have selected a few pieces from electronic pioneers: Delia Derbyshire, Suzanne Ciani and Laurie Spiegel, too, as we are particularly inspired by their experimental soundscapes!

Watching Suzanne Ciani on the TV lately was completely mind-blowing, seeing a strong woman totally immersed in her craft captivating a huge audience of all genders and ages was a great sight to behold...

These pioneers are very relevant to us currently, with the projects we are working on... One being Suffragette Summer. We’re taking 15 drummers and six dancers (choreographed by Kate Cox) to End Of The Road festival to commemorate the centenary of the suffragettes, inspired by female pioneers from all corners of the creative spectrum!

Stealing Sheep are performing at End Of The Road, 30 August - 2 September 2018

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