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“Bollywood would not be Bollywood without a big dance number” - Anita Rani

Inspired by her exploration into the history of Bollywood cinema, broadcaster Anita Rani shares her favourite dance-floor fillers

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It’s really difficult to describe Bollywood music, as incapsulates so many genres. There’s pop songs, ballads, disco and funk influences, and more recently hip-hop influences. Classically Indian music has completely different scales and rhythms to Western music, and every song will make you laugh or cry or dance with joy.

Both the films and the music have been the backdrop for my family life. They invoke nostalgic memories of my parents and grandparents sat around the TV, or it playing in the house when we had friends over. Growing up, I felt like I had two sides to my life: the outward side, whereby I went to a predominantly white school and I would go out clubbing, but then there was the inward side, which was about spending time with my family, going to temple and, of course, Bollywood. 

Bollywood would not be Bollywood without a big dance number. Some of you may know that I love to boogie, so, here is my list of stone-cold dance floor destroyers, guaranteed to get the party started.

Bollywood: The World's Biggest Film Industry begins 9pm Monday 13 August at 9pm

Photo: BBC/Raw TV/Sarah Muhsen
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