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"I want to use my voice and my guitar as a way of unleashing myself" - Anna Calvi

The singer-songwriter and guitarist takes us through the tracks she listens to before a live show

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In my live show, I’m trying to find the extremes of strength/power and vulnerability. I want to see how far I can take these contrasts. To do so can be intimidating for me and empowering at the same time. I want to use my voice and my guitar as a way of unleashing myself, I want to find something really wild in myself when I perform. It definitely helps to put on music before I go onstage that sets the scene. I love The Breaks by Planningtorock, as it has a sense of freedom and release that always gets me. I’m really loving Sophie’s new record – I love how confrontational and experimental the production is – you can hear the risks that have been taken. Perfume Genius's song Grid has a brutal energy about it that I love. I feel he has a wildness in his writing that always touches me. - Anna

Anna Calvi is performing at Green Man festival, 16-19 August 2018

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