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"Poetry, like music, has a wealth of genres" - Bridget Minamore

From Kate Tempest to Drake, poet and writer Bridget Minamore takes us through a poetic playlist of some of her favourite tracks

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I don’t have much rhyme or reason when it comes to the music I listen to on any given day, so this playlist is a reflection of that. It bounces all over the place, but there’s one common thread that links all the songs here together: they all remind me of poetry. The Ruff Sqwad and Nubya Garcia instrumentals are staples when it comes to sitting down to write – lyrics in songs are usually a distraction –while the rap from J Hus and Drake are fun distractions I put on when I want to get out of my own head. The playlist is also interspersed with songs that have spoken word-style sections, like the end of Kano’s New Banger or the middle of Never Let Me Down, and then tracks that are just storytelling and poetry in and of themselves, like Kate Tempest’s Lonely Daze or The Last Poets’ Understand What Black Is. The music itself bounces between genres, which is probably the biggest reference to poetry —poetry, like music, has a wealth of genres. There’s something for everyone, the key is to find which ones work for you.

Bridget Minamore will be performing at People Powered Poetry hosted by giffgaff at Moth Club on 25th and 26th July 2018. Book your free spot here.

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Insomniac's Playlist

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