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"It feels so good to be in a place where I’m open to anything, regardless of its genre" - Rae Morris

From Robyn to Laurie Spiegel, British singer-songwriter Rae Morris shares her LADIES playlist of the women in music exciting her right now

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I’m one of those people that find it quite hard to listen to music while making a record, so during the making of my latest album Someone Out There, I felt like I missed out on quite a lot of new stuff that was coming out. It’s nice to let your ears have a break and avoid being influenced for a short time but recently, since putting the album out and rejoining the real world (aka not in the studio), I’ve reignited my love of seeking out new music. 

This playlist I’ve put together is called LADIES because I realised that the playlists already existing in my Spotify account consisted mostly of amazing tracks, new and a little older, by inspiring female artists. I rarely specifically choose to listen to only music by women, but I noticed a pattern and realised what a wonderful variety of genres had been covered across their music. I thought it’d be nice to compile them and celebrate the diversity of talented women in music making all sorts of exciting stuff. 

The first song on the playlist is by Robyn. The title says a lot that you need to know about this song. I’ve always loved her from a distance but hadn’t up until now really delved deep into her early stuff. She’s a risk taker and a daring performer and just makes damn good pop music. 

I’ve included a song on this playlist by Camila Cabello. I wrongly presumed at first that Camila’s music wouldn’t be for me, feeling like we were coming at pop music from different perspectives. We’re definitely different but that’s no bad thing and this song is simply brilliant songwriting with an infectious vocal delivery. It feels so good to be in a place where I’m 100% open to anything, regardless of it’s genre. 

Another tune on the list is by an American songwriter called Alela Diane. I first heard of her via a Jon Hopkins Late Night Tales compilation album. This record is beautifully melodic and peaceful. She tells stories of her young children and what I presume are the challenges that come with being a touring musician and mother at the same time. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of the songs and feel the great energy of the women making this amazing music just as I did - Rae

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