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"The reggae scene just keeps on growing and evolving around the world" - Hollie Cook

Singer-songwriter Hollie Cook gives us a new reggae masterclass of contemporary names in the genre

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I have a tendency to be a bit of an old fogey and listen to a lot of older music from the 70's (I do have a taste for the rootsier side of the genre). I think that this selection of modern-day records encompasses some of the newer, more contemporary, names that fly that flag within the reggae world today... with artists from Jamaica, California, New York and the UK. It’s good to compile a playlist like this as a reminder of how the scene just keeps on growing and evolving around the world. Helped not least by stalwarts like David Rodigan, who I’m actually supporting this July. Enjoy! x - Hollie

Hollie will be performing live at Standon Calling and Kendal Calling, 26-29 July 2018

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Insomniac's Playlist

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