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“This playlist will take you on a journey from making up to making it back home” – Georgie Rogers

From Janelle Monáe to Nils Frahm, presenter, DJ and music journalist Georgie Rogers provides the soundtrack to her perfect night out

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As I get older, I'm finding a suspicious correlation between the years notching up and the nights out – and I mean really out – very much in decline. Funny, that!

To celebrate the euphoric sense of achievement I now get these days from a truly great one, when you find yourself with your dream crew in a dream spot with a dream soundtrack, this playlist will hopefully take you on a journey following the arch from making up to making it back home.

I've always listened to a lot of disco, house and soulful grooves when building my DJ sets, but I seem to be quite the moth to 80s disco, drum machines and funk lately and there is a wealth of really great new electronic music out at the moment too, with the new Jon Hopkins stompers providing a most brilliant summit for this playlist.

My first and long overdue outing to superclub Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin this month reminded me of the much-needed release of a good boogie and its glorious afterglow. 

Georgie is a presenter, DJ, music journalist and voiceover artist. Catch her on BBC Radio 6 Music regularly, Soho Radio monthly and on the decks on the Crack Magazine stage at Field Day festival on Saturday 2 June

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Insomniac's Playlist

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