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"I think these artists send a message to all of us... Take the reins! Create yourself! It's FUN!" - Theresa Wayman

Warpaint's Theresa Wayman shares a playlist of some of her favourite "hard-boiled babes"

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This is a playlist designed to highlight some of the most talented women I've come across. There are some men involved but that's OK.  Men and women need each other. I don't think striking a balance between the two means that men need to be pushed out. Just that we, us females, need to be more included and also need to include ourselves more... through actively pursuing parts that men have usually played. And being ourselves, even if it's not what we think to be acceptable by society's standards. These women are doing this... and I think send a message to all of us females…Take the reins! Create yourself! It's FUN! – Theresa

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Insomniac's Playlist

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