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Georgie Okell's marathon soundtrack

As part of The Pool's Fitness Honestly week, broadcaster and personal trainer Georgie Okell takes us through the songs that are motivating her marathon training

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At the moment I’m running a lot – the London marathon is around the corner so this playlist is a condensed version of what gets me through those two or three hour training runs on the weekend.

It starts with tunes that just put me in a good mood – if I’m grumpy or angry, it’s not going to be a good run, so I always start with tunes that put a smile on my face. This Hall & Oates one might not be cool but it really really cheers me up and gets me in the right frame of mind, followed by some old-school garage tunes because who doesn’t love a bit of that to get in the rhythm of those opening miles. Then I always go a bit indie – I used to host a new music radio show in New York and still love to find good emerging female artists – St South, Okay Kaya, Japanese House and Amy Shark are current faves.

The second half is when the going gets tough and the tunes get tougher, some of these are just out and out bangers from the likes of Justice and the Prodigy, others go a bit deeper for me – The Wombats track reminds me of a really uncomfortable time in my life when I kept moving around the world in search of happiness – life isn’t like that any more and that’s a nice motivation to push through when my legs are feeling the burn.

The feeling at the end of a long race or a big workout is unrivalled for me, makes me feel like I can achieve absolutely anything, so the end of this playlist is a bit emo to reflect that, a moment stretch it out and reflect on how far I’ve come.

This is part of our Fitness Honestly Week, an editorial series on real women's exercise journeys 

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