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Lucy Rose's Christmas round-up

In the run-up to Christmas, we've asked a few of our favourite artists to curate their own festive playlists. Tonight singer-songwriter Lucy Rose takes us through her favourite tracks of this year

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Christmas is a time of reflection for me, especially looking back on my favourite record discoveries of the year. I’ve chosen 10 brilliant songs from 10 wonderful records that have kept me company throughout the year. 

Back To You - Bedouine

I’ve truly fallen in love with Bedouine’s debut album, probably because she’s taken inspiration from some of my favourite 70’s records. She’s mentioned that Joni Mitchell’s Blue has strongly influenced her, one my my all time favourite records and it’s wonderful to see a new generation of songwriters bringing this type of music back to life. Classic songwriting at it’s best, beautiful production and a voice that is unforgettable. 

Annie And Alistair - Flyte

Back in November 2015 after I released my second record I was lucky enough to bring a support act on the road with me called Flyte who have now released a wonderful record. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long and I was far from disappointed. Will Taylor has one of those voices you could listen to on repeat, combined with the remaining three band mates harmonies, they have a distinctive and original sound. 

Cranes In The Sky - Solange

'Cranes In The Sky’ is such a beautiful song but it talks of an important subject of dealing with pain, trying to distract yourself from dealing with it, or feeling it. “I tried to drink it away…”

Bitter Truth - Iron & Wine

I’ve been a huge fan of Iron & Wine for years, I remember going to their show years ago at The Forum in Kentish Town and Bon Iver was the support act. I always feel so lucky when my favourite bands continue to put out great records and their newest is brilliant.

Little Did I Know - Tiny Ruins

Tiny Ruins is a singer songwriter from New Zealand, along with Aldous Hardling. There seems to be a real music scene over there and many brilliant artists making great records.

Party - Aldous Harding

I was lucky enough to see Aldous Harding play in Islington at the Assembly Hall on a day off in between my UK shows. It was so different to any other gig I’ve been to, almost theatrical in it’s delivery and completely captivating.

The Magician - Andy Shauf

A friend told me to listen to Andy Shauf’s record, telling me he was a genius and she was right. 

A Man Is Not His Song - Feist

Out of all the modern day artists out their, for me, Feist has been the most inspiring and influential, not just in her music but who she is as an artist. Never to compromise, always making the best art she can and being true to herself. Her new record, different again from her last but so experimental, pushing boundaries and she’s ever growing, continuing to be one of my favourite artists in the world. 

Bet She Looks Like You - Nick Hakim 

Nick Hakim is new to me, I only discovered his record two months ago. A young band from Birmingham called Chartreuse mentioned that his record was the type of record they wanted to make. As a fan of theirs I checked him out and it’s been keeping me company these last two months on tour. 

Wasted Acres - Grizzly Bear

A band that’s been delivering great records for years now and they haven’t disappointed with their newest, Grizzly Bear.

For me this year has been the busiest I’ve had on the road touring and for most the shows the furthest I’ve been from home. Early morning flights, late night drives, in the lonely moments and in celebrations these songs have been my soundtrack, my comfort and my solace. I do hope these wonderful artists know how important they are and how much their music means to so many including myself. 

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