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KT Tunstall's childhood Christmas classics

In the run-up to Christmas, we've asked a few of our favourite artists to curate their own festive playlists. Tonight, Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall takes us through the songs that made Christmas for her as a child

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The Holly & The Ivy - King's College Choir

This is the music my Mum and Dad listened to every Christmas growing up. It’s so beautiful and ethereal, and kept our house feeling a little fairytale-like through the madness.

Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby

I’m guessing it was the Bing Crosby version, but I can’t be sure. I was always kind of fascinated by this song as a kid because I thought it was really weird. It had weird timing and weird non-lyrics, and described this sort of robot-like drummer kid, and I found it sort of creepy, but I also really liked it.

Last Christmas - WHAM!

Firstly, it’s a great song, but secondly, growing up in the 80s, the video would always be on rotation on TV over Christmas and I always wished I was on that skiing holiday with George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. 

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree - KIM WILDE

Kim Wilde was such a cool artist to look up to growing up, she was really punky with excellent songs. I loved her version of this.

Rockin' little Christmas - Shakin’ Stevens

Shakin’ Stevens was sort of like a low-key British Elvis. He was all over the radio for years, and I remember dancing in front of the TV to this song.

Mistletoe and Wine – Cliff Richard

You can’t have Christmas without Cliff Richard! I seem to remember a really soft-focus video with lots of roll necks... awesome. He’s a classic.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas EveryDay - Wizzard

This was the song that made us all go mental when we were kids. It’s like it’s been injected with loads of sugar. You can try and pretend you don’t love it, but you do.

Do They Know It’s Christmas - Band Aid

I remember seeing all the footage of the famine in Ethiopia, and all the massive artists who came together for this song. It was a really big moment in my formative years seeing everyone come together like that and shedding light on such a desperate situation somewhere else in the world.

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