Sarah Midori Perry of Kero Kero Bonito
Sarah Midori Perry of Kero Kero Bonito

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Kero Kero Bonito's Festival Scrapbook

Sarah Midori Perry of Kero Kero Bonito shares her favourite festival moments ahead of the band's gig at Standon Calling this weekend

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Young M.A - Quiet Storm

I’ve been following Young M.A  for a few years now and was so excited to find out that she was going to perform her first show in London at the Meltdown Festival this summer. It’s a very surreal experience to see someone in the flesh after following them for so long! My favourite part was when the DJ dropped the beat and Young M.A started to rap in accappella. She was very charismatic. 

Princess Nokia - Tomboy

Another artist I saw perform at the Meltdown festival was Princess Nokia. She was so explosive on stage right from the beginning when she opened with Tomboy. Her stage presence and what she stands for is very inspiring.

Reykjavíkurdætur - Ógeðsleg

I saw them perform at Iceland Airwaves 2015. The room was packed and I was standing on a chair trying to get a glimpse of them at the back of the venue. You could feel the energy change when the girls came on stage. Their music transcends language to something everyone can feel to because the collective performance is so powerful! I have been a fan of them ever since. 

SOPHIE - Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

I also saw SOPHIE live for the first time in Iceland Airwaves 2015. He was dressed in all black with only white lights for the whole set and paired with the heavy beats it felt so badass! His set was like being on a crazy rollercoaster and it was one of the most incredible DJ set I ever seen. 

Grimes - Kill V. Maim

I managed to catch Grimes’s set after our show at Moderno Festival 2016 in Milan. She is so energetic on stage and everyone in the crowd was dancing at the end. Her performance is very inspiring. I would love to see her show again. “Kill V. Maim” is my favourite. 

Sarah Midori Perry of Kero Kero Bonito
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