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Lucy Rose: The songs that influenced my new album

From Neil Young to Carole King, singer-songwriter Lucy Rose tells us about the sounds that helped her shape Something's Changing

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When it came to recording this new record, I pulled on influences from these six artists. I don’t just listen to music from the 60’s and 70’s but these are the records that changed my life and shaped me as a musician. Not just in terms of songwriting but production too.

Most of these songs were recording in live takes and that’s exactly what I did for my record. Starting with my first choice - Neil Young. It feels like nowadays vocals are always so polished and perfect but is it humanly possible to sound like that without the computer getting involved? The character of his voice and the flaws that lie within it are what I love about him and Nico, which brings me onto my second song. These artists gave me courage to record my songs live in one take and not spend time making them perfect, the imperfections are what I love so it was time for me to commit that same idea to my own music.

My third song is by my ultimate heroine Joni Mitchell. No-one inspires me like she does, to truly dig deep within myself. This song and the record ‘Blue’ is my favourite record of all time and 100 per cent saved me in some way. I dream of being able to make a record even a tenth as good as this, to help and inspire someone the way she did for me. But to do that I needed to really look into myself in a way I haven’t before and push myself to write about things I’ve never admitted before.

My fourth song means so much to me I walked down the aisle to it. I don’t just love Nick Drake's voice and songwriting but his guitar style is so underrated, he tells a story with not only his lyrics but with his guitar. It’s inspired me to try new rhythms and picking styles when writing.

Now to Carole King, one of the most successful songwriters ever, writing not just for herself but so many artists. I’ve got a few songs on the piano on this record with a twist of soul and groove, undoubtedly inspired by her. And finally Tom Waits with one of the most beautiful songs of all time. There is no-one that can tell a simple story like Tom Waits, describing a feeling we’ve all felt but in a way we haven’t heard it.

(Photo: Daniel Alexandra Harris)
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