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Channing Tatum will star as a sexy mermaid in a Splash remake

Naked torso ahoy! 

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By Lynn Enright on

Channing Tatum is consistently finding roles that allow him to take his top off and show off his biceps and abs and the deep V of muscles that lead to his groin. Indeed, he is most well known for playing a stripper. And now he will play a mermaid. Or, to get technical about the terms, a merman.

Yes, Tatum is to play the role made famous by Daryl Hannah in a remake of 1984’s Splash, which will see the gender of the lead characters swapped. So Channing Tatum will glide sexily through the sea, flapping his giant tail, while Jillian Bell will play the lovelorn, land-bound Tom Hanks character. 

The internet has reacted with delight, as it does to most Channing Tatum news, with mocked-up images of Tatum’s torso atop a giant fishtail flooding the web. 

The Disney remake will be executive-produced by Ron Howard – who directed the 1984 Splash – among others, and seems to be part of a new remake trend, which sees the gender of characters swapped, with 2016's Ghostbusters being the most high-profile film of the genre thus far. 


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Photo: Rex 
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