This week we're reading...


This week we're reading...

A collection of Rosemary Tonks poetry, Roxane Gay on life as a "fat woman" and The Big Sleep audiobook

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A collection of Rosemary Tonks poetry, Roxane Gay on life as a "fat woman" and The Big Sleep audiobook

  • Kuba Shand-Baptiste is reading… Hunger by Roxane Gay

    When news of the release of Roxane Gay's latest book, Hunger surfaced, I pre-ordered it immediately and spent most of my daily commute last month obsessing over it once it arrived. Offering a fresh perspective on what it means to navigate the world as a fat woman, Hunger touches on the temporary comfort that food and relationships provide for many of us. Gay references her identity and experiences - including being a victim of sexual assault - as a means of broaching how the world treats people with similar stories. It’s a beautiful, and at times, emotionally gruelling read, but a thoroughly necessary one. As Gay recently said, “people don’t know how to talk about fatness”. Thank god she does. • BUY Hunger on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop. 

  • Viv Groskop is reading… Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue 

    Much as I am trying to re-read stuff and discover things I’ve missed, I cannot possibly ignore an Oprah Book Club pick. It’s about a young Cameroonian couple pursuing the American dream in Harlem, New York, when the 2008 financial crisis hits. The author is originally from Cameroon and now lives in New York. This is her debut novel, signed in a million dollar deal. I take a lot of reading recommendations from O magazine (Oprah’s monthly mag) but this one I got from Oprah’s Instagram: when she chooses a book club pick, she goes big and she was evangelical about this one, saying that this book is about “race, class, the economy, immigration and the danger of the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality. I’ve only just started it but so far it’s brilliant. (And anyway I very much doubt that Oprah can be wrong.) • BUY Behold The Dreamers on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop. 

  • Caroline O’Donoghue is listening to…The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

    Cornwall is nice and everything, but if you're going to drive there, you'd want a pretty decent audio book in your back pocket. Luckily, we did: Audible's production of The Big Sleep is one of the best car listens you can get. The plot is twisty enough to keep anyone from dozing off, the dialogue is snappy and entertaining, and the hardboiled detective-noir style is so wonderfully overblown that it's bound to give you a laugh if nothing else. • BUY The Big Sleep on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop. 

  • Elle Turner is reading… The Haunting of Henry Twist by Rebecca F John

    I read The Haunting of Henry Twist and loved it. After Henry Twist's beloved wife dies, he's left behind with an infant daughter he must keep hidden and a mysterious figure who follows him from the shadows. It's a shrewd exploration of the ways in which we deal with love and grief, as well as a stunning portrait of what life was like in 1920's London where The Bright Young Thing's extravagant garden parties jar alongside the plight of exasperated miners. • BUY The Haunting of Henry Twist on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop. 

  • Daisy Buchanan is reading… Bedouin of the London Evening by Rosemary Tonks

    I am at the airport now, and taking this poetry collection after hearing Andy Miller talking about it on the Backlisted podcast. I'd never heard of Tonks before, her poems have just been republished after her death in 2014 - Tonks renounced her poetry and prose after embracing Christianity. She was inspired by Baudelaire, and loved by Larkin, and I'm drawn to her work because it's sexy, shocking and immediate - there's something universal and yet startlingly modern about her take on womanhood. • BUY Bedouin of the London Evening on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop. 

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