This week we're reading...


This week we're reading...

A biography of London, Carrie Fisher's memoir and Norwegian short stories

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A biography of London, Carrie Fisher's memoir and Norwegian short stories

  • Sam Baker is listening to… The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

    I had no idea how much you could miss a person you’ve never met until Nora Ephron died. (I found her death more upsetting than that of some close-ish relatives, but don’t tell my family.) It was the same with Carrie Fisher. Since she died in December I’ve been listening my snot-laden way through her back catalogue. (If you’ve never read any, I demand you pick up Postcards From The Edge now.) The Princess Diarist is (was, sob) her last memoir and focuses on her love-hate relationship with Princess Leia. Read by Fisher herself, you will have mascara half way down your face by the end of the first chapter. In a good and a bad way. • BUY The Princess Diarist on Amazon.

  • Frankie Graddon is reading… Sweet Caress by William Boyd

    This tells the story of Amory Clay, one of the first female war photographers. Follow her remarkable life, through an unconventional childhood, to society London, then to Berlin, New York and France, reading her thoughts and looking at her extraordinary pictures. • BUY Sweet Caress on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop.

  • Caroline O’Donoghue is reading… West of Sunset by Stewart O’Nan

    Weirdly, I picked this up in Poundland because some of the pages were a bit battered. It details the life of F Scott Fitzgerald during his lowest ebb: he's alone, he's floundering as a Hollywood scriptwriter and it's becoming increasingly clear that the love of his life, Zelda, will never leave the psychiatric hospital he committed her to years previously. I'm a total junkie for anything to do with The Fitzgeralds, and this is a great addition for any fangirl. But, outside of that, O'Nan has a gorgeous style, resulting in a story that is as beautiful as it is heartbreakingly sad. • BUY West Of Sunset on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop.

  • Louise Stephenson is reading… You Can't Betray Your Friend And Learn To Sing At The Same Time by Kim Hiorthøy

    This collection of very short stories is the perfect bedtime read. All around half a page long, you won't want to stop turning the pages to delve into this author's beautifully, melancholy life. Set in the Norwegian countryside, we get a real sense of a simple life, with time to ponder, as all the stories turn monotonous tasks into poetic prose. Dotted with simple pencil drawings from the author, we are forced to see the art in the mundane. This is a great find from a fantastic little publisher. • BUY You Can't Betray Your Friend And Learn To Sing At The Same Time on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop.

  • Lauren Laverne is listening to… London The Biography by Peter Ackroyd (read by Simon Callow)

    I don't have a handbag big enough to carry my hard copy of this enormous biography of the capital, so an audiobook version is just perfect. As you can imagine, the combination of one of Britain's best-loved historians and one of our most distinguished actors is both potent and enjoyable. My walks to work haven’t been this pleasurable in ages. • BUY London The Biography on Amazon or pop into your local bookshop.

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