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The thing about kitten heels

Ladylike and flirty or completely frumps? The Pool team discuss kitten heels

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By Frankie Graddon on

One of next season’s overriding trends is the somewhat questionably named "granny chic". We can thank a chap called Alessandro Michele who made his debut as creative director of Gucci this year with a collection heavy on pussybow blouses and midi skirts. On the catwalk, it actually looked lovely – if Wes Anderson did librarians. However, for the majority of us, the granny-chic look makes us look like, well, a granny. Now, I love grandmas as much as the next person, but still...

The one thing we can take away from this trend is a low heel. Low block heels were all over the February catwalks (Chanel, Prada and, of course, Gucci) and will be an excellent autumnal shoe option for when you’re feeling like a lady. But, for summer, I’m talking kitten heels. 

Wipe that look of horror off your face – I’m not talking the nude patent shoes your mum used to wear (sorry, Mum), but rather summery courts with a flirty kitten heel. How to give yourself a little lift without massacring your feet. 

To be honest, I thought everyone was on the same page when it came to kitten heels, but it would appear that they are quite the opinion divider. Are they not the stuff of garden-party dreams? The Pool team discuss.


There are lots of good things about these shoes – the price, the fake-snake print (which is a bit of a feature in my wardrobe) – and, happily, they looked better than they felt. But that's where it stops. These shoes would not stay on no matter how hard I tried (the curse of the slingback). Consequently, they were spectacularly hard to walk in – which, given I can walk in five-inch platforms, is ironic. But most of all they made me feel like a total frump. And, if there's one thing I don't want from my footwear, it's to be made to feel like, whatever "it" is, I no longer have it.



A couple of years ago, when kitten heels started to come back into fashion, I thought, "Nah, no way. I'm not going to fall for that one." But then, around six months ago, they started to look quite appealing, proving that really I'm just a bit of a sheep. They are very ladylike, and bit respectable-garden-party-ish, but they're comfortable and they're sweet and you can wear them to a wedding and not have to take your shoes off at any point during the day. These Kurt Geiger ones would look lovely with jeans; wearing kitten heels with jeans helps you avoid that Bridget Jones's mum vibe... 




I’ll keep this brief. Did I like them? No, not really. Lovely shoes, great colour and comfortable to wear, but they made me feel too ladylike, verging on mumsy. Not for me, I'm afraid. 

Russell and Bromley pink scalloped, £165


I’ve been a kitten-heel advocate for years – a bit cheeky, a bit minxy and they look great with a pair of rolled-up jeans. Not only do these look wonderfuly kitsch, they are also easy to walk in. How to quickly jolly up a boyish outfit. 

Pictures: Victoria Adamson
Picture: Victoria Adamson
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